The Yoga Mecca of LA Tantris Studio

It was bound to happen: Russell Simmons, the music world mogul, turned his years of devoted yoga practice into a promising lifestyle brand. Tantris is not just a possibly the hottest studio in LA right now, the brand also includes the premiere fitness apparel line.  


The studio itself, described as the center for yogic science, embodies the belief of Mr. Simmons, who aspires to create an authentic, not gym-like center for a community of devoted practitioners. A 700+square-meter place offers amenities like pH-balanced showers, valet parking, a juice bar and a lounge with city views. In addition, yogis can buy Tantris apparel collection right on the spot, at the in-studio boutique. The center has strict requirements for instructors, who have to exhibit profound knowledge of Hindu culture and become vegans at the end of a training course to be teaching at Tantris. The center plans to maintain it’s ‘yogic science’ status in many ways, including offering “Karma Class” for the community. 

Mr. Simmons is never tired of emphasizing how yoga reshaped his life - from meditation to embracing veganism (and becoming a bestseller-author on the subject), he has shared the love of such a lifestyle with famous friends and Tantris launch is bringing this love to a new level. 


这是注定要发生的事情:Russell Simmons,音乐界的大人物,他忠实的瑜伽练习成为一个充满希望的生活方式。Tantris 现在在LA不仅仅是一个热点工作室,这个品牌还包括首映健身服装线。


这个工作室本身是练习瑜伽的科学中心,体现了西蒙斯先生的信念,他立志于创造一个真实的,而不是像一个忠实的实践者体育社区中心。一个700平方米的地方提供如pH值平衡的洗浴,代客泊车设施,果汁吧和城市美景的休息室。此外,瑜伽修行者可以当场购买 Tantris 收藏品。该中心已对教师进行严格要求,他必须有着印度文化渊博的知识,能在 Tantris 教学中成为一个培训课程素食者。该中心计划保持在许多方面是瑜伽科学的地位,其中包括提供 “社区业班”。

Mr. Simmons 不厌其烦地强调瑜伽是如何重塑人生 - 冥想接受素食主义(他成为话题的畅销书的作者),他与著名的朋友分享了这样的生活方式,Tantris 提出爱,并且把这种爱推出了一个新的水平。

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