Turn on the ‘Gucci Mode’ in Your Home

With its décor 2018 collection Gucci wants to turn your ordinary home into a fashion mansion, where more is more. 

Launched last year, the new additions to the Gucci home line is now available online, in selected stores and boutiques worldwide. This time, the brand aimed to capture ‘the craft and the artisanal skill associated with Italian makers’. Designed by Alessandro Michele, the series of embellished homewares are inspired by the runway success of Gucci’s ready-to-wear collections. Vividly decorated folding metal tables, ornamental folding screens, ceramics vases and cushions with cross-stitched designs on a velvet or blended wool background, designs with the words ‘Maison de ‘l’Amour’ and ‘Urtica Ferox’—add a bit of vintage flair and fashion to your home.


Gucci家居系列的新产品于去年推出,目前已在全球范围内的特定商店和精品店有售。 这一次,该品牌旨在捕捉“与意大利制造商相关的工艺和手工技巧”。 由Alessandro Michele设计的这一系列装饰家居用品受到Gucci成衣系列发布会成功的启发。装饰生动的折叠金属桌、装饰华丽的折叠屏风、、带有“Maison de'l'Amour”和“Urtica Ferox”字样的陶瓷花瓶和天鹅绒或混纺羊毛针绣靠垫——为你的家增添了一点复古气息和时尚感。

The Maker