Interview with Oliver Stone

Snowden , 2016

Snowden, 2016

Oliver Stone has been credited with writing and or directing over 20 full-length feature films, earning him a well-respected place in cinematic history for some of the most influential and iconic films of the last two decades. 

Throughout his long career, which began at a young age writing short plays for his family, Oliver Stone has served as director, writer and producer on a variety of films, documentaries and television movies. He is widely recognized for his controversial versions of recent American history, some of them at deep odds with conventional myth - films such as 1986's “Platoon,” the first of his Vietnam trilogy, or 1991’s “JFK” and 1994’s “Natural Born Killers” and “Nixon,” "Midnight Express", "JFK" and the latest controversial movie "Snowden". 

George Satsidis met him at his office in Los Angeles and they had a very intimate conversation. Oliver talks about his legendary movies, film reviews and when and where finds happiness in life.

Platoon , 1996

Platoon, 1996

Oliver Stone编写并执导过超过20部长篇电影,因执导了过去20年中的一些最具影响力和标杆性的电影,为自己在电影史上赢得了令人尊敬的地位。

年纪轻轻便开始为了养家而写短剧,在他漫长的事业生涯中,Oliver Stone当过许多电影、纪录片以及电视电影的导演,编剧和出品人。他因其备受争议的美国历史题材电影而为人们熟知,其中一部分和传统神话背离甚远 - 电影比如1986年的"Platoon",其越南三部曲的第一部,或者1991年的"JFK"和1994年的"Natural Born Killers","Nixon"和"Midnight Express","JFK"和最新的备受争议的电影"Snowden"。

JFK , 1991

JFK, 1991

George Satsidis在他位于洛杉矶的办公室里见到他,并进行了亲密的谈话。Oliver谈论了他的传奇电影,影评以及在生活中何时何地找到快乐。

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