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Beauties for a cause—that’s how you might describe the Miss Earth pageant. Every year beauty queens from around the globe aspire to win this largest beauty competition promoting environmental awareness. The reigning titleholders dedicate their year to charitable activities, addressing specific issues. But that’s not enough for Lisa Xiang, the reigning Miss Earth China of 2013. Few years after the competition, she still continues to be a role model, inspiring people to cultivate environmentally conscious habits and supporting charitable activities. She shares with The Maker a few startling confessions and how things have changed after the pageant.

Q: What would you say is the most rewarding aspect of being the MissEarth?

A: First,  life has become much more colourful since rewarded the MissEarth. It give me the chance to try more meaningful and interesting things. I was a student and also a journalist before, and the reward gave me another appellation along with a lot of opportunities to take part in some international activities. I also invited by plenty of organizations and countries to join in some activities.  In other words, it open a window for me.

Second, it help me to enhance self-confidence. When I was in school, I always got a good grade, so I was a very confident student. However, the work and duty of MissEarth have practiced me a lot in communicating with others and organizing activities. I even improved a lot in English through the MissEarth. I am probably a lively girl. I believe that  challenges will inspire my potential and improve every aspects of myself.

Finally, it improved my anti-pressure ability. Sometimes I need to do a lot of things at the same time, such as studying, working, participating in the activities of MissEarth. Besides all the busy, I must learn to deal with the doubt and slander others shows on you. Although it may be tough, it really make me strong to come over all the difficulties.

Q: Which field did you channel your energy into recently?Is there any new project that you want to do?

A: In January, I was busy organizing an competition called EO GSEA. It is an Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Global Student Entrepreneur Awards to encourage students to be more interested in starting a business and help them to start their business. I was the winner of that competition last year and I also was the first Chinese competitor taking part in the competition. To let more Chinese students join in the meaningful activity and let them benefit from it, I decided to organized the GSEA of China Competition.

The process was tough but meaningful. I got a lot of support from others, especially form an organization called EO. There were huge numbers of detail and small things that I needed to do, which was quite different from the work of MissEarth. For example, I ordered the cups and printed the files all by myself. However, when you saw the perfect ending, all the efforts became worthy.

For the second question, because I have been working in the field of media for many years, I am familiar with brand media. So I have been trying to become a film producer recently.

Q: What would you suggest to our readers to keep a joyful life and mind?

A: It is not easy to keep joyful for all the time because everyone has his own emotion. I was a Cancer girl and my mood always get ups and downs. However, there are always somethings can make you feel joyful in life. I have done a lot of charity work in these years, and I feel very lucky about my spiritual and material life. All the things I have are obtained step by step through my efforts, and I believe that live with the things come from your own efforts is always joyful.

Lisa Xiang by The Maker

Lisa Xiang by The Maker

将美丽作为一个目标,这可能是你认为的地球小姐选美的方式。每年来自世界各地选美皇后都渴望赢得这场最大的选美大赛以推广环保意识。应届冠军在这一年里会全身心地投入到慈善活动中,去解决各种具体的问题。但2013地球小姐中国区总冠军相杨并不满足于此。在大赛结束之后的几年里,她仍然是一个榜样的角色,激励人们养成环保意识的习惯并支持慈善活动。本次,她与The Maker分享一些她的自白和选美比赛后所发生的改变。

Q: 成为地球小姐后,你认为收获最大的是什么?

A: 首先,获得了地球小姐的殊荣后,生活变得更加丰富多彩。它给了我尝试更多有意义和有趣的事情的机会。在这之前,我还是一名学生,也是一个记者,而“地球小姐”的称谓给了我有很多机会参加一些国际活动。我也被很多组织和国家邀请参加活动。换句话说,它为我打开了一扇窗。



Q: 最近你会将精力投入在哪些领域?有没有想要做的新项目?

A: 一月份,我正忙着组织EO GSEA的比赛。这是一个企业家组织的全球学生企业家奖,以鼓励学生更有兴趣创业,并且帮助他们创业。我是去年那场比赛的获胜者,我也是第一位中国竞争者参与这个竞赛。为了让更多的中国学生参加有意义的活动,并让他们从中受益,我决定组织GSEA的中国竞赛。



Q: 你会给什么建议给我们的读者如何保持快乐的生活和心情?

A: 时刻保持乐观并不容易,因为每个人都有自己的情绪。我是巨蟹座的女孩,我的心情总是起伏不定。然而,总有一些东西可以让你感受生活的快乐。这些年我做了很多慈善工作的这些年,我对我的精神和物质生活都感到非常幸运。我所拥有的一切都是通过自己一步一步的努力获得的,而我相信,生活在用自己的努力争取来的一切中就是快乐的。

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