Patrizia Wassermann : The Woman Who Changed Male Fashion in Italy

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No doubt, there’s a huge power in dictating the looks of men, that fashion world is going to be crazy about. Male models gazing from the covers of the most prestigious magazines and strolling down the world-class runway shows—those looks would step down into daily life to be fantasized about and attempted to recreate. Patrizia Wassermann is one of the pioneers, who changed the fashion rules in Italy, but success came on a global scale. She certainly has a thing for writing a fashion history that shifts in her I LOVE models management agency.

Wassermann opened the first male models-only agency in Italy in 2009, seven years later I LOVE models management represents some of the industry’s icons no less—Simon Nessman, Jon Kortajarena, Gabriel Aubry, Roch Barbot to name a few, with some of the new stars ready to illuminate fashion world this season. Patrizia’s model agency success stands on her career of twenty-five years experience as the men’s department director at prestigious agencies of the time and perhaps mostly on the core value, represented in the very same name of her business. She’s also the woman behind a skinny male model look born in the nineties, and continues to be one of the most influential trendsetters in the industry.

Q: I LOVE model management was the pioneer of male-only agencies in Italy, what was the fashion landscape back at the time, when you created it and how it changed now?
A: By then we had only few agencies with a good men board and always supported by a very strong women division so when I decided to open by myself a new agency only for men was really a big poker game!!!
Thanks God I was able with my team and my models to make for all a decent way of living and even if from 2009 the general economy was suffering a lot.
I changed the normal rules all agencies had in not keeping models in town for long time and make them flying in and out a lot so I reduced our costs and I had a better turn over of models and opening my selection to more type of men and ages...

Q: Over the years the agency discovered many new names, that later became iconic, could you share your personal favorite success story?
A: I started in 30 years many of them that it's very difficult to remember all but here few names they started totally unknown with me Scott Barnhill, Jon Kortarajena, Simon Nessman, Gordon Bothe, Gabriel Aubry, ROCH Barbot, Baptiste Radufe, Cole Mohr, David Agbodj etc

Q: What motivated your decision to create a male-only agency, are there any plans to include women at some point in the future?
A: I opened a men division because I started to work for Int. Beatrice Models in the men's booking and I had immediately a great feeling for it and in those years even if Imwas close to the women division I never wanted to try way of being is right for the men but I doubt I could be so good for women.....I have been approached few times for opening a women division and it could happen but I will need to find a good partner managing it with my super vision.

Q: How do you feel about the tendencies presented at the latest Pitti Uomo show?
A: I have to say that few brands are doing a very good job in researching good material and attention in the confections but some other are going to crazy stuff that I think it will be very hard to sell.
I don't think the actual economy can accept to buy items that will last only a season ......we need to invest in buying may be more expensive clothes and accessories but that will  last in the years


毫无疑问,有一股支配人们造型的巨大力量,时尚的世界是疯狂的。从最负盛名的杂志封面凝视你和漫步在世界级的时装秀上的男模特,那些人们幻想融入进日常生活中的场景正在试图重构。 Patrizia Wasserman是改变意大利时尚规则的先驱之一,但在全球范围内斩获成功。她转变我爱模特管理经纪公司,书写时尚界历史。

2009年,沃塞曼在意大利开设了第一个男模代理,七年后我爱模特管理仍然代表了一些行业标杆,举几个例子:Simon Nessman、Jon
Kortajarena、Gabriel Aubry、Roch Barbot。这个季节,他们与一些新星将照亮时尚界。Patrizia的模特经纪公司的成功依赖于她当时在著名机构任职男装部主管25的年经验,代表了她同名的业务,也许这就是核心价。她出生于90年代,像一个瘦削的男模,这些不妨碍她继续成为行业内最具影响力的潮流之一。

Q: 我爱模特经纪公司是意大利男模代理的先驱,你成立它时的时候是什么样的时尚背景,现在它有什么改变?
A: 那时拥有良好董事会的代理机构寥寥无几,并且有一个强大的妇女组织支持着我们,所以当我决定自己创立一个新的机构,这个机构只有男人,真的有趣!!!感谢上帝,我能够与我的团队和我的模特们在一起,为体面的生活方式而奋斗,即使2009经济不景气我们受了不少挫折。

Q: 这些年来,你们发掘了很多新人,这些新人后来变成了明星,可以和大家分享你个人最喜欢的成功故事吗?
A: 开始的30年我很难记住所有名字,但有几个让我印象深刻,比如Scott Barnhill, Jon Kortarajena, Simon Nessman, Gordon Bothe, Gabriel Aubry, ROCH Barbot, Baptiste Radufe, Cole Mohr, David Agbodj等。

Q: 是什么促使你决定创建一个只代理男模的机构,有计划在将来的某个时候代理女模特吗?
A: 因为想国际化所以我成立了一个男模组织。Beatrice Model's预约部和我立刻就感觉不错,那些年,即使接近女装部门也不想尝试.....对男模我的方式是正确的,但对女模我不太确定……我曾几次尝试创立女模机构,而且成功的可能性比较大,但我需要找到一个好的合作伙伴去管理。

Q: 你觉得最新的佛罗伦萨时装展趋势是怎样的?
A: 我不得不说,几个品牌都做得很好,研究好材料也注重甜点,但有些要疯狂的东西,我认为这将很难销售。

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