Sundance Film Festival Has A New Curator

Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute

Photo courtesy of Sundance Institute

Independent movie expert Kim Yutani takes the helm at Sundance Film Festival’s film, media, and off-screen programming.

Sundance’s director of programming is one of the most influential roles at the festival, and the new hiring follows a long-standing tradition of Sundance’s tendency to support in-house talent. Kim Yutani started working at the festival in 2006, and she was formerly senior programmer. Yutani will oversee the programming team, while maintaining relationships with filmmakers, sales agents, and other industry heavyweights keen on getting projects into the festival.

In a statement, she said that her approach as a programmer “has always been driven by a desire to see the world from as many points of view as possible”, and this is exactly what the industry, troubled by speculation about the lack of diversity needs. After all, programming director at the major film festival is like a gatekeeper of the film world, and from the looks of it, Sundance Film Festival is set to further deepen and broaden the reach of independent artists and stories.
独立电影人Kim Yutani将执掌圣丹斯电影节的电影、媒体以及幕外节目。
圣丹斯的节目总监一直是音乐节最具影响力的角色之一,而新聘的员工则沿袭了圣丹斯公司一贯支持内部人才的悠久传统。Kim Yutani于2006年开始在这个音乐节上工作,她之前是高级程序员。Yutani将负责监督编程团队,同时保持与电影制作人、销售代理人以及其他热衷于节目进入电影节的业界权威人士的关系。

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