Theater of Dario Fo Got a Chinese Revamp

Shanghai, the city of everlasting happenings, has lately been even luckier on classy events with Italian flavor. The Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre welcomed a Chinese version of Dario Fo’s play «The open couple», that has been on stage until June 5th.  Dario Fo, who received a Nobel Prize in Literature, is equally masterful on stage as actor, playwright and theater director. He wrote «The Open Couple» in 1983 together with his wife Franca Rame, and it since been performed worldwide. Dario’s works explored hot topics, raising delicate questions so bravely, that for some time in the 60s he and his wife were banned from appearing on state TV and took their plays to the streets around Italy.

494_The Open Couple - Larica Schnell and Nathan Lynn 01.jpeg

«The Open Couple» is centered around serious themes but is set up as a farce opening up marriage under the microscope of humor. The play is a whirlwind of different ideas about sex, politics, love and marriage, it amuses, entertains and keeps the audience guessing until the final act. The Chinese version of the play saw the light of day thanks to the efforts of Vertebrae Theatre Company in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Culture in Shanghai. The troupe of young theater translated contradictory feelings of the play with class under guidance of Li Qianpeng (李芊澎) and Jin Ye(金晔) , Wang Zichuan (王子川) brought a Chinese flavor into main characters.



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