Will Smith Interview Collateral Beauty

Will Smith Interview Collateral Beauty by George Satsidis, Courtesy of George Satsidis

George Satsidis had a very intimate interview in London with Will Smith recently. 

Watch the hollywood super star talking about his latest part on Collateral Beauty, the loss of his father and how much that affected him, the way he wants to spend holidays with family and how he manages to devote himself acting no matter what happens to his personal life. 

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George Satsidis近日在伦敦和Will Smith进行了一次近距离采访。
从中可以看到这位好莱坞巨星谈论他最近在Collateral Beauty中的戏份,他父亲的过世及其对他的影响,他和家人一起度假的方式以及他不顾自身的一切投入到演艺事业中。
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