A Creative Anomaly in Gucci’s The Performers

Gucci GQ Native Project The Performers ACT X_ Photo by DavidAbrahams_24....jpg

The new act of Gucci and British GQ ongoing collaboration features a French musician, whose transversal techno innovations are in the spotlight

Jacques is not just a musician. And just one look at him is enough to understand, that he’s not like anyone you’ve ever met. From his sartorial taste to the hair on his head and the creative medium of expression—everything screams uniqueness. His surrealistic look suits just perfectly the special sounds that he brings out: every note is a statement. He, himself, admits, that music isn’t the most important thing to him. It just happened to became his gateway, a path through which to channel his creative vision. See the artist unclose in the new act of Gucci and GQ Performers.


Jacques不仅仅是一个音乐家。只要看他一眼你就能明白,他不像你见过的任何一个人。从他的服装品味,到他头上的头发,再到他的创意表达方式,一切都彰显着独一无二。他的超现实主义风格正好与他所表现出来的特殊声音相吻合:每个音符都是一种陈述。他自己也承认,音乐并不是他最重要的事情。只是它恰好成为了他的门户,一条引导他的创造性愿景的道路。看看这位艺术家在Gucci和GQ Performers表演者系列中展现的风采吧。

The Maker