Bag Stories : A Journey to Antarctica

Létrange new line “Pourquoi pas” honors captain Charcot’s adventurous spirit.

Having witnessed cultural, industrial, political, social revolutions as well as glories and changes of society and its various lifestyles, Létrange has various stories to unveil. Not only did the House include customers such as Jules Verne, but its creations went all the way to Antarctica with Commander Jean Baptiste Charcot in 1908.

During his second Polar expedition, captain Charcot carried his equipment in Létrange luggage onboard of the ship Pourquoi-Pas? The House’s newest collection is a tribute to the commander’s adventurous spirit with an array of bags and Passagère clutches, that travel aboard the Pourqui-Pas? items. Discover the one that suits you.


Létrange新系列Pourquoi pas表彰了Charcot船长的冒险精神。 

见证了文化、工业、政治、社会革命,以及社会的辉煌和变化,社会生活方式的多样化,Letrange有各种各样故事要揭开。不仅包括Jules Verne这样的顾客,1908年,其作品还与船长Jean Baptiste Charcot一路来到南极洲。


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