Balenciaga on Replay


The brand’s curated musical and visual playlist Loops is the newest mood setter

Balenciaga has teamed up with young artists to create new series of video clips. Each mix features a looping animation combined with music by Rinse FM team . Berlin-based illustrator Max Guther, who is known for reinterpreting the prose of everyday life moments in 3D art, has created the animation for the first loop. For 35 minutes, while the playlist goes, you see a woman blowing her hair. Dressed in a Spring/Summer 2019 look, of course.

The second animation by Max de Waard brings you to a messed up room, certainly a habitat of some creative. Where’s the brand element in that video? You’ve got to look a bit closer for that one, but that’s the whole point. Balenciaga promises to issue a new series every month.



Balenciaga与年轻艺术家合作创作了一系列新的视频短片。 每个混合动画与Rinse FM团队的音乐相结合。 柏林插画家Max Guther以在3D艺术中重新诠释日常生活时刻而闻名,他为第一个循环创作了动画。在播放列表播放的35分钟里,你看到一个女人在吹头发。 当然,身着2019年春夏装

Max de Waard的第二部动画将你带到一个混乱的房间,当然是一些创意的栖息地。 该视频中的品牌元素在哪里?你必须仔细看看那个,但这就是重点。 Balenciaga承诺每个月都会推出一个新创意作品。

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