Bea Bongiasca : in the Mood for Oriental

What would you expect from an award winning jewelry designer, who’d make her alma mater, Central Saint Martins, proud? Well, whatever you can envision, Bea Bongiasca can sure excel those expectations. A young Milanese designer, born in 1990 has a long list of accomplishments to brag about, but perhaps most prominent is her artistic expression itself, that is conquering the jewelry scene in giant leaps.

Since her debut collection ‘No Rice, No Life’ presented during Milan Fashion Week in 2014, the designer’s fascination with Asia hasn’t faded. Her distinct and individual creations embody oriental appeal, Bea’s personal experiences and passion for pop culture. The result—several lines that boast symbolism and don’t lack the ironic touch in the very theme they go under. For instance, designer’s collaboration with ToiletPaper Magazine landed a capsule jewelry collection ‘Endless?’, a treat for eccentric fashionistas, while her ‘Happy-go-Cola’, an exploration on escapism and generation’s pursuit of happiness, was presented in Antonella Villanova Gallery.

Bea Bongiasca holds her golden hands on the pulse of latest jewelry trends, adding a little personal twist too. Designer’s collection ‘Rice is Precious’ is just one of the examples: when pearls became a thing again, Bea’s jewelry put them forward in a new light, resulting in a contemporary, yet feminine design. Whatever new collections Bea is planning on in her studio in Milano, one thing is for sure—eyes on one of the ‘it’ creative talents of Italy.

A Golden Lesson 1.jpg

你对一个得过奖的珠宝设计师抱有什么样的期望?谁可以让母校--中央圣马丁艺术学院感到骄傲?不管你如何想象,Bea Bongiasca都必然会超越你的期望。一个生于1990年的年轻米兰设计师,纵使有许许多多引以为豪的成就,但是也许其中最杰出的却是她的艺术表现本身,在珠宝的表现形式上产生了巨大的跃进。

从她在2014米兰时装周上以“No Rice,No Life"系列横空出世,她对亚洲的幻想从不曾熄灭。她独特的创造饱含着东方韵味,源于Bea对流行文化的个人经历和无限热情。结果是—几个具有象征性却不缺讽刺意味的屈服于明确的主题之下。例如,Bea和ToiletPaper杂志的合作产生了一个胶囊珠宝系列'Endless?'献给那些古怪的赶时髦的人;而她的'Happy-go-Cola'系列在Antonella Villanova画廊展出,是一个对逃避现实和代代人对快乐的追寻的探索。

Bea Bongiasca紧握时下的珠宝潮流的命脉,同时加入了一点个人风格。她的“Rice is Precious”系列是其中一个例子:当珍珠又在珠宝界占有一席之地时,Bea把它们以全新的方式呈现在观众面前,产生出一个当代女性的设计。不论Bea计划在米兰的工作室创造什么新的系列,有个确定存在的东西—意大利创造性的天才的眼光。

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