Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto unveils her second collection, collaborating with two of London’s most exciting young creatives – Charles Jeffrey and Hanna Moon - in a campaign celebrating self-love, togetherness and refreshingly real beauty.

Beth’s mission to change plus-size fashion continues.
Launching on 19 October 2016, the eleven-piece ready-to-wear collection is available in US sizes 14-28 (UK sizes 18-32)
The best-loved shapes from Season One are reimagined, and new silhouettes added in denim and silk. Taking inspiration from Beth’s most loved pieces from her own wardrobe, statement dresses include architectural style shift dresses with cinched waists, a cocoon-shaped wool coat, through to new takes on the relaxed, dropped-shoulder jersey styles from the first collection.
A French terry premium hooded dress offers a new relaxed glamour to the label, as well as boxy white tees and soft, sequin-embellished sweaters.
Beth’s lifelong love affair with make-up anchors the range; prints include vibrant colour-pop eye pencil shavings, dripping red nail polish and three-dimensional, oversized eyelashes.
Eschewing some of the conformity which many plus-size labels subscribe to – the idea of ‘flattering’ the figure or intending to slim down – these are clothes to celebrate, showcase and enhance.
A cast of ‘real people’ were cast via Instagram and assembled in Los Angeles by Charles Jeffrey and Hanna Moon, and captured within a house party - in a campaign shoot underpinned by beautiful chaos. 
Charles Jeffrey says: “When Beth asked me to work with her on this project, my gut reaction – literally, instantly! – was the idea of capturing how I felt the first time I discovered Beth’s music. The video for one of The Gossip’s first singles, Listen Up, was a starting point. We took a lot of the vibes from that and created this setting where interesting, free, real kids could dance in a messy room to music they love. I also really wanted to celebrate their amazing bodies in the same way the clothes do; There are so many great examples of bigger bodies in fashion campaigns but I’ve never seen one that I felt was very rock n roll… I’m so proud of this.”
Beth’s heroines are women – and men – who understand the perfection in imperfections and dress with a compelling sense of independence.


贝丝·迪托要拉开她第二次募捐的帷幕,跟伦敦最年轻有活力的两大创意者 Charles Jeffrey 和Hanna Moon合作,这样的活动意在于歌颂赞美自爱,团结,以及令人耳目一新的美。





一个叫做“真实的人”的活动在秒拍平台上发布,并且由 Charles Jeffrey and和Hanna Moon在美国洛杉矶进行,这个活动场景是在一个乡村派对上拍摄美丽的混乱美,在混乱之中抓拍真实的美。

Charles Jeffrey 说“当贝丝要求我在这个项目上与她合作,我的直觉反应是,立即答应!这个主意让我想起了我第一次发现贝丝的音乐时的感觉。视频中听着其中一个The Gossip的声音,这就是开始。在那个场景中我们拍了很多,有趣的,自由的,孩子们可以在一个凌乱的房间随着他们喜欢的音乐跳舞。我也真的想以同样的方式庆祝他们的肥胖的身体,有很多时尚活动中有很多肥胖人士参与的很不错的例子,但我从来没有见过像这样的,我觉得是非常摇滚……我很自豪可以这样。”

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