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Q: The realization to be the center of the audience is a feeling which creates an aura of satisfaction. Do you believe to be the center? And Of what? in specific..
A: As far as I know the world, people usually likes to draw attention and be, in a way, the spotlight. For the character of an artist, it is to be logically necessary because after all, the fans are what feeds him every day. Now it is also true that being the center of attention in the day is also something annoying because if you are, can not live peacefully.
My case seems somewhat contradictory. Since my style, way of thinking or living may attract the attention of the people who live around me, and I to some extent is something not usually like me at all. I think I am not the center of the audience, or maybe. I’m just a person, sometimes, often departing from what is called normal because I never ignore what anyone said. Having created something and someone to follow, from what I’ve wanted and have believed since I was a child is what makes me happy, not the fact that people think that I’m the protagonist or the center audience. Nothing that I would make sense if at some point I had ceased to be myself. Therefore I am proud and pleased with myself for having the opportunity to be myself and to, in a way, manifest the world.

Q: The result is a walk, a progress in life. Being at the beginning means a lot or nothing?
A: Because life is full stop.

Q: An audience creates an hero or is the hero which pumps an audience?
A: I think if the audience creates an hero, the hero will not be available to be it for a long period and will be replaced for an other one soon… The real hero is the one that has to attract the audience by himself and for being himself. That’s the difference, for example, between a real person and the one that is cheap and sells himself for the pleasure of the others. Only a real person can be an hero.

Q: Coming from Spain and not from Nyc or a big center, is a plus or minor to state who you are?
A: The truth is that coming from a small town in southern Spain everything is complicated. Simply for the fact that there are not as many job opportunities in the industry of fashion and music as in cities like New York. But for me, the fact of coming from a small town and now to be doing what I do in different cities in the world makes me proud. I have never been ashamed to say where I come from, but it is true that being smaller rejection I felt my city by the inability to find those possibilities than previously spoken. Having gone out, and be a thousand times larger than mine cities, it has made me appreciate the city where I come from and learn to spend and enjoy my time whenever I visit. In addition, the need for which I had to go outside of my city has made me never want to stop my feet and want to travel the world to work, if I may.

by Marilove


Q: 成为全场的焦点,是一种创造满意的光环的感觉。你相信自己可以成为焦点吗?成为什么样的焦点?具体来说。
A: 据我所知,人们通常在某种程度上,喜欢在聚光灯下吸引别人的注意。对于一个艺术家,这是非常必要的,因为毕竟他每天靠那些追捧者维持生计。现如今,成为众人所关注的中心也确实是一件恼人的事情,因为一旦你成为了焦点,便无法平静安宁地生活。

Q: 结果只是生命中的一种行径,一个进步。处在开头,会不会有很大的意义呢?
A: 因为生命就是一个句号。

Q: 观众创造了一个英雄,抑或是英雄促成了一群观众?
A: 我认为,是观众创造了英雄。英雄不会很长时间地存在,也会很快地被另一个替代。真正的英雄,必须以自己个人的魅力去征服观众。举个例子,一个真实的人,和一个哗众取宠的人,是有很大的差别的。只有真正真实的人才可以成为一名英雄。

Q: 来自西班牙,而并非是纽约之类的大城市,对于你来说是一个加分抑或是扣分的因素呢?
A: 不可否认的是,如果你来自好比西班牙南部小镇一样的地方,所有的事情都会变得复杂。原因非常简单,那里没有像纽约这样的大城市一样多的在音乐和时尚方面的工作机会。但是对于我而言,从一个小镇上来,而现在的我能够在不同的城市工作,是我的骄傲。我从来没有羞于道出我来自哪里,但是不可否认的是,现如今因为能力达不到而被拒绝的几率比以前小多了。从小镇上出来,去到那些比我的城市大几千倍的城市,会让我深刻地感激那个生我养我的小镇,同时也让我更珍惜和享受我在小镇上的每一刻。除此之外,因为工作的关系,去到我的城市以外的地方,会让我忍不住想去全世界工作,如果可以的话,永不要停歇我的脚步。

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