Calvin Klein Post-Raf Simons : the Spring AD

Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein

Photo courtesy of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein recently unveiled a new campaign featuring Shaun Mendes, Noah Centineo, Kendall Jenner and rapper ASAP Rocky wandering around LA in various states of undress while wearing only Calvin Klein underwear and jeans.

It’s been a tumultuous few months for Calvin Klein, which parted ways with its chief creative officer Raf Simons last December. For this spring, the brand is switching to the new “digital-first” strategy to boost its jeans and underwear sale.

A commercial, photographed by Glen Lunchford and styled by Melanie Ward, which went viral after the release is a crucial part it the plan. Themed “Our Now”, the ad brings back sexy images and a bit of nostalgic appeal, celebrating youth, discovery, and the spirit of right now. The campaign features celebrities such as Shawn Mendes, Noah Centineo; Kendall Jenner, and A$AP Rocky. In addition, it includes Jasmine Daniels, Anna Ewers, Jiali Zhao, Lulu Tenney, Ernesto Cervantes, Fernando Albaladejo, and Timo Baumann. Don’t be surprised, if you see a lot of these celebs in your digital space: the brand will prioritize the mobile experience with a heavier focus on video and also plans to appear on TikTok in addition to traditional digital media channels.

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