Everybody Loves Jordan Barrett

Jordan Barrett photographed by Steven Klein for VMAN 2.jpg

Out of surf paradise to the top of the fashion world—Australian teen rides the wave of his ascent real high. Jordan Barrett is the name behind one of the most atypically rapid careers that male model world has seen in the past couple of years. The scout agent from IMG spotted Barrett in the grocery store with his mother. Little did the 14 years-old knew, that in few years he would be jet-setting around the world for gigs, living a millennial fairy-tale for real, while documenting it all on Instagram and Snapсhat.

Tokyo seems a known stopover for the young model stars-to-be, and after several years in Japan at the beginning of his career, Barrett had his big break. After Bruce Weber invited him to Miami for a V Man shoot, campaigns for brands like Dsquared2, Tom Form, Balmain, and Tommy Hilfiger followed.

When editorials in major media outlets attempted to break down the model’s success, it’s obvious that not everything about this tall, fit boy with tussled dirty-blond hair is only about the looks. Barrett throws in a ‘no filter’ attitude and a certain ‘bad boy’ vibe wherever he goes and if you look past it, you’ll see that the peak of Jordan’s momentum is ahead, it sure will be interesting to watch him conquering it.


从冲浪天堂登顶时尚之巅,澳洲青年皆为之痴狂。Jordan Barrett快速职业男模世界在过去的几年里最典型的名字。IMG星探在杂货店发现Barrett和他的母亲。那时他14岁,名气不大,这几年他周游世界演出,真实地生活在童话故事里,Instagram和Snapchat记录了这一切。

这位年轻的模特在东京发展过一阵子,若干年后在日本开始他的职业生涯,Barrett有大突破。Bruce Weber邀请他到迈阿密的拍V Man shoot后,Dsquared2, Tom Form, Balmain, and Tommy Hilfiger的品牌活动接踵而至。


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