Getting Up Close with Playwright Jeremy O Harris

Gucci GQ Native Project ThePerformers ACT IX_Photo by Aaron Reid_6.jpg

The new act of Gucci and GQ’s short film collaboration “The Performers” is out.

“I want to leave behind a collection of artifacts of my psyche”. With these words, the American playwright Jeremy O Harris opens up the 9th Act of “The Performers” series. O Harris, who a few seconds later into the video chooses “Expressive” as one of the words to describe himself, is not exaggerating. A fresh and vital new voice in theatre, Harris’s enigmatic personality and his story looks organically in the visual narrative of “The Performers” series.

We won’t indulge in giving out the spoilers, not to ruin the interest of watching this short video for you. Let’s just say, this episode looks like a deserving artifact in Jeremy O Harris’s collection he wants to leave behind.

Harris, who admits starting to write plays when he could not find a one with words that would “fall out of [his] mouth with ease”, is currently showcasing his debut drama, Slave Play at the New York Theatre Workshop.

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