Gucci’s Theatrical Creations

For Gucci’s Spring 2019 runway show, Alessandro Michele took the loyal fans to an old theater in the Montmartre, paying tribute to the avant-garde theatrics of Leo de Berardinis and Perla Peragallo.

Amid darkened rows inside a historic Le Palace theater in Paris, Gucci set up a dramatic stage for the collection that reads like a nod to the most transgressive Italian theatric visionaries. Leo and Perla created their “Theatre of Contradiction”, attempting to display the horrors and joys of being, in all its complexity. Taking the inspiration from the “Theatre of Contradiction”, Gucci’s new collection displays the combination of elements, that might not usually belong, but can only make a good juxtaposition under Michele’s creative guidance. And of course, there must be a centerpiece, that takes the spotlight of attention in media for weeks to come after the collection. This time, it might be the Mickey Mouse heads, leather knickers for men and a live bird on the runway.

Gucci2019年春季时装秀,Alessandro Michele带着忠实粉丝来到蒙马特(Montmartre)的一个古老剧院,向Leo de Berardinis和Perla Peragallo的前卫戏剧表演致敬。

在巴黎历史悠久的Le Palace剧院的漆黑的嘈杂声中,Gucci为这个读起来就像是向最具有冒险精神的意大利戏剧家致敬的系列搭建了一个戏剧性舞台。Leo和Perla创造了他们的“矛盾剧场”(Theatre of Contradiction)。从“矛盾剧场”(Theatre of Contradiction)中汲取灵感,Gucci的新系列展示了通常并不属于其的元素组合,但在Michele的创意指导下很好的搭配在一起。当然,这其中一定会有一个中心元素在接下来的几周里成为媒体关注的焦点。这一次,它可能是米老鼠头、男士皮革短裤和跑道上的活鸟。

The Maker