Is the Future of Fashion Gender - Neutral?


The final shortlist of the LVMH Prize for young fashion designers is out, making for the most diverse group since the founding of the prize six years ago. The shortlist also highlights gender-neutral collections with four designers presenting creations that can be worn by both women and men.

Bernard Rudolfsky, who raised the question “Are clothes modern?” with his 1944 exhibition at MoMA, envisioned a world of universal clothing. You could travel to your friend’s house and they would have clothes for you, because clothing wouldn’t be individual to the body. It wouldn’t signal status, or gender either.

We, of course, do not live in a world like that, nor going in that direction, except, for maybe gender-neutral clothing. LVMH Prize recent finalists announcement is another signal of a trend on a rise. The eight finalists include designers representing Japan, the UK, the U.S., and for the first time Israel, Nigeria and South Africa, four of them will showcase gender-neutral fashion. Maria Grazia Chiuri, Kris Van Assche, Marc Jacobs, Humberto Leon and other members of this year’s Jury, will make the announcement of the winners of the Prize this June. Stay tuned!


年轻时装设计师LVMH Prize的最终入围名单已经出来,成为该奖项成立6年来最多元化的一次。入围名单还突出了中性系列,四位设计师展示了男女都能穿的创意作品。

Bernard Rudolfsky在MoMA(纽约现代艺术博物馆)举办的1944展览中提出了“衣服是否现代吗?”,设想了一个普遍服装的世界。你可以去你朋友的家里,他们会为你准备衣服,因为衣服不是独特的存在。它也不会显示身份或性别。

当然,我们不是生活在那样的世界,也不会朝着那个方向发展,除非是中性服装。最近宣布的LVMH Prize入围名单,是这一趋势上升的另一个信号。入围决赛的8位设计师分别来自日本、英国、美国,以及首次亮相的以色列、尼日利亚和南非,其中四个国家将展示中性时装。

Maria Grazia Chiuri、Kris Van Assche、Marc Jacobs、Humberto Leon和今年评委团的其他成员将在今年六月宣布获奖者。敬请关注!

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