Massimo Nicosia

Massimo Nicosia is the head designer of Pringle of Scotland. Nicosia forever changed the history of the luxury heritage brand by introducing 3D printing techniques and the forms in architecture to the structures in the knitwear. By incorporating powdered nylon into the printed panels, intricate chainmail patterns are then formed. His background in architecture and his eye for unique design keeps the 200 year old brand innovative and contemporary.
Q&A with Massimo Nicosia
Q:How would you describe your lifestyle and how does it influence your work?
A:My work is influenced by my background as well as my current lifestyle and the environment in which I live. I am fortunate enough to live and spend most of my time  in London; a cosmopolitan city which moves very fast in the most energetic way. It is an inspiring place in which you can always find ideas as long as you are open and receptive to get them. I am really open minded, curious and constantly learning. In London I find inspiration from the street, the multitude of events, exhibitions,  theatre plays, concerts, vintage markets and antiques, and the people. I have been living in London for a while but I still consider myself as an Italian abroad.  If you feel too settled in a place you kind of lose interest in what surrounds you. You find yourself in a comfort zone and you don't make any effort.  I don't take things for granted as if I was born here. I notice and appreciate thing because they look relatively new but I can equally distance and detach myself if I want to.  
I have been always interested in anything which communicates through visuals; any sort of visual art. I try to visit as many exhibitions as I can...contemporary and modern art, design, textiles. I used to watch many movies, but less so now...there is never enough time to do everything you love. Sometimes I end up watching newly released movies on the plane. My life style relies on all this. My work is the projection of everything I bump into every day, what I see and learn, digest and absorb.
Q:Through out your work, you have been traveling a lot, how are your travels inspiring your works?
A:I love travelling. I once read "I have not been everywhere yet but it is on my list" ...This quote really suits me.
I love travelling on holiday as well as business trips. While I travel I take inspiration because I allow myself more time to look at things. Perhaps I am more inclined to be surprised and captivated by something which I haven't experienced before. When I travel I try to see, visit, do as much as I can. I never get tired and I like to make the most of it. I take a lot of pictures and I start to crop, edit and file. I am a sort of archivist of visuals.
I constantly take and archive pictures. I download them from the Internet, I photograph themes, I sketch, illustrate and I eventually title and file them. I am able to reference and retrieve pictures I saved even many years ago for a particular project, mood board, collection.
Q:What is your favourite place in the world?
A:London for the people, Paris and Rome for the architecture, NY for the energy, HK for the skyline and...I can keep listing. I do not have an absolute favourite. My favourite place in the world is a collage of bits I have seen in many different places. It is a mix of the East and West of the world - a Utopian, magnificent place. It is my place; My village.
Q:Would you please tell us more about the exciting 3-D printed textiles exhibited on Pringle's spring 2015 collection?
A:I am constantly intrigued by investigating new medias and technologies. When researching Pringle of Scotland's collection back in Autumn Winter 2014 we discovered a new way of printing 3D materials so they were conceived almost like fabrics; weaving through 3D printing was absolutely fascinating. Clothes are made up from flat patterns which are assembled together to create volumes / forms / 3 dimensional elements, so investigating 3D printing seemed a natural progression of my research.
This medium has been used and progressed  up to Pringle of Scotland's AW 2015 special 200 year Anniversary collection.  It was a nice way to merge tradition and innovation; Artisanal and machine made; Artificial and natural.
Q:Would you like to share with the maker readers what a typical work day is like for you?
A:It is a hectic busy day which starts from 9.00 and finishes late in the evening.  I do not have a strict typical work day; it depends on the season and collection and whether I am researching, designing, fitting, preparing a look book or a fashion show.
Maybe this is the real reason why I love my job. Every day is different. Every season offers you new challenges and the chance to work on new projects almost from scratch; initiating all the creative process every few months. There is never a fixed schedule that you reiterate. If I am in London I spend most of my time with the Pringle team.
Q:What would you say is your favorite part of your job?
A:Working on visuals and through visuals. Exploring, experimenting, drawing, mocking up, sharing experiences and bouncing ideas back and forth with creative talents I am fortunate enough to meet through my job.
Q:What are your plans for the future, both personally and professionally?
A:Moving forward. Keep exploring, watching, researching, designing... My plan for the future? Looking back upon my missed opportunities and considering them as my next opportunity. There is so much to do... both personally and professionally.
Q:If you could give any advice to a young Chinese Designer, what would it be?
A:Fashion is a tricky, intense, demanding beautiful and global industry. It can be quite overwhelming if you do not truly love and embrace the essence of it. Do it with passion or not at all. 
Massimo Nicosia是普林格(Pringle of Scotland)的首席设计师,Nicosia在针织品中引入3D打印技术和建筑结构表现彻底改变了奢侈传统品牌的历史。今年他创造了一种尼龙粉末锁子甲,与一片片编织棉布和丝绸组合在一起。他的建筑背景和他独具慧眼的设计让这个200年历史的品牌焕然一新、非常现代化。
采访Massimo Nicosia
A:伦敦的人,巴黎和罗马的建筑,纽约的能量,香港的天际线和...我可以一直往下列举。我没有绝对喜爱的地方。在世界上我最喜欢的地方是我看到过很多不同的地方的拼贴集合。它是一个东西方的融合的世界 - 一个乌托邦式的、壮丽宏伟的地方。它是属于我的地方、我的村庄。
A:我一直着迷于研究新媒体和技术。当在研究Pringle of Scotland 2014秋冬系列的时候,我们发现打印3D材料的一种新方法,他们的构想几乎和针织面料一样;通过3D打印编织绝对让人着迷。衣服的编织方式是将平面图组合在一起以构建出体积/形态/3D元素,所以研究3D打印似乎是我的研究中一个自然的过程。
这种媒介已经被使用,并加入到Pringle of Scotland 2015秋冬200年周年纪念特别系列中。这是一种将传统和创新、手工和机器制造、人工和自然这几者融合在一起的好途径。

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