Modern Icon of Style, Renewed

Furla has created a new monogram, inspired by the brand’s Italian roots.

You might be one of the thousands of fashionistas who share their love and appreciation to a deeply Italian brand and a lifestyle under #thefurlasociety, or haven’t gotten a coveted Furla creation in your possession just yet. The global audience recognizes the timeless elegance Furla conveys in its bold shapes, original colors, high-quality natural materials, and the latest technologies.

The new monogram, a stylized double F that refers to a heraldic coat of arms, represents the brand’s heritage as well as a lifestyle, that global audience has come to identify Furla with: positive and fun, essential and eclectic, intense and passionate. Follow #thefurlasociety for all things Furla, and not to miss the appearance of the new monogram in the brand’s upcoming collections.





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