One Step Away From A Smartphone : LV Bag


Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 collection featured a handful of bags with functioning canvas video screens on their sides, first of their kind to walk a runway show.

The future is here. LV’s latest bags are a prototype, made with AMOLED technology, the same LED lights found in some smartphones. When the bag is released, you will be able to set the mood, as Nicolas Ghesquière did displaying retro-futuristic urban imagery. The content that will appear on the bags, will be somewhat curated also: connecting via WiFi, users can display content from a dedicated Louis Vuitton platform.


Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020系列展示了一些袋子,两侧都有功能性的柔性显示屏,这是该系列首次T台展示。

未来就在这里。LV最新推出的包包,采用AMOLED技术制造,与某些智能手机的LED灯相同。当包被释放后,您将能够设置的心情,就像Nicolas Ghesquière展示复古未来主义的城市意象。包上的内容也可以有所调整:通过WiFi连接,用户可以展示来自专用路易威登平台的内容。

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