Santoni Collection Urges You to Get out of Office

One of the highlights of Milan fashion week, the Spring Summer 2019 collection of the high-end shoes and women clothing from Santoni is a must-see

Santoni is a brand, which is all about timeless pieces, creating luxury that never goes out of style. The brand’s Spring/Summer 2019 accessories were presented in an immersive installation titled “O.O.O (Out of Office)”, and drew the audience to the gilded ceilings and parqueted floors of Palazzo Gallarati Scotti.

For the upcoming spring, Santoni deftly balanced its commitment to timeless luxury with some of the key trends of the moment. In the installation, pieces like botanical print dusters, shiny silver heeled mules, and brightly colored ankle boots were staged in office settings—thrown over armchairs, lying under desktops, and placed beneath coatracks. A few attention-grabbing pieces included double-laced jacket, standout scrappy sandals with neon accents, lace-up pumps in fluorescent orange among others.



追求永恒的品牌Santoni创造了永不过时的奢华。该品牌2019年春/夏系列以主题为O.O.O. (Out Of Office 缺席的办公室)沉浸式的的体验呈现,并且将观众的注意力吸引到Palazzo Gallarati Scotti镀金天花板和镶嵌地板。


The Maker