The Tommy Hilfiger Effect

Photo by TheMaker

Photo by TheMaker

Revive American classic, pull off the most spectacular show at New York Fashion Week, master the see-now-buy-now concept and invite it supermodel for a design collaboration. Done and done with style. Yes, we are talking about legendary Tommy Hilfiger. 

With TommyXGigi collection in shops now and a worldwide tour in its promotion that took over Shanghai lately, it is safe to say that Tommy Hilfiger does not stop wowing global fashion crowds for a second. The designer has managed to top himself once again, putting together probably the must fun show/fashion experience during New York Fashion Week. The first see now-buy now collection was presented in the atmosphere of carnival and live-streamed for those who could not join the lucky invitees. How the designer manages to create timeless pieces, yet embody the modern spirit and originate all the hot trends, should perhaps be called Tommy Hilfiger effect. It wasn’t enough to just invite the “it” supermodel Gigi Hadid, whose face glares at you from almost every fashion campaign. He designed a collection with her, which enables to personify that supermodel appeal in ready-to-wear. 

TommyXGigi is packed with the pieces like skintight pleather jeans, embellished motorcycle jackets, long navy pea-coats, sweaters and sweater dresses. All layered and mixed and matched to create a multitude of wish-list looks. Get ready to shop, because Tommy Hilfiger is preparing a new collaboration for Spring 2017 collection, and from what we know, it will be a must-have. 


重振美国经典,在纽约时装周举办最壮观的时装秀,掌握现在,看到现在的购买概念,邀请超级名模一设计协作。不满足于完成,而是用独特的风格完成。是的,我们谈论的是传说中的 Tommy Hilfiger 。

现在 TommyXGigi 在实体店不断推广,最近在上海进行世界巡演,可以肯定的是,Tommy Hilfiger 并没有停止引导全球时尚的潮流。在纽约时装周,设计师再次设法把自己推向顶峰,进行必须有趣的展示/时尚体验。第一次看到现在购买狂欢节的气氛和对那些不能加入进行邀请的人来说是非常幸运的。设计者如何设法创造永恒的作品,又体现现代精神,是共有的趋势,或许应该被称为 Tommy Hilfiger 效应。只是邀请超级名模 Gigi Hadid 还是不够的。他设计了一系列的服装都很适合她,这使以名模们都乐意穿。


TommyXGigi 还有一些时装包括紧身皮裤,机车夹克,牛仔裤,长海军豌豆大衣,毛衣和毛衣连衣裙。所有服装,都迎合了大众所需。准备购物吧,因为 Tommy Hilfiger 准备了2017春季系列的新的时装,并且我们知道,这些都是必备的。

The Maker