Under the Spell of Florence Welch

Gucci’s new jewellery campaign stars the lead of Florence And The Machine, who brings her bohemian charm to the richly adorned shoot.

Florence Welch once said in an interview, that she never considered becoming a brand ambassador. That was, of course, before meeting Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. Now, the brand and British singer-songwriter have become frequent collaborators, and Florence was unveiled as the brand’s ambassador for watches and jewellery in 2016. The newest Gucci campaign captures Florence’s bohemian aesthetic in all its glory. Set in a retro style wooden wagon, which gives a vibe of a gypsy caravan,the singer poses wearing ornate rings and necklaces designed by Alessandro Michele. The pieces from the Le Marche des Merveilles, Gucci Ouroboros, Gucci Flora and Dionysus fine jewellery collections appear in the shot. Gucci did not reveal the exact date of the collection release just yet, but previously said it would be unveiled this summer.

Florence And the Machine出镜Gucci最新珠宝广告,她为装饰华丽的镜头带来波西米亚风。

Florence Welch曾在一次采访中表示,她从未考虑过成为品牌形象大使。当然,那是在与古驰创意总监Alessandro Michele会面之前。现在,该品牌和这位英国创作型歌手已成为频繁的合作伙伴,Florence于2016年被任命为该品牌的手表和珠宝大使。最新的Gucci广告充分体现了Florence的波西米亚美学。复古风格的木制马车,给人一种吉普赛大篷车的氛围,歌手摆好姿势,戴着由Alessandro Michele设计的的华丽的戒指和项链。来自Le Marche des Merveilles,Gucci Ouroboros,Gucci Flora和Dionysus高级珠宝系列的产品出现在镜头中。古驰并未透露此次新品发布的确切日期,但此前表示将于今年夏天发布。

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