WEHVE’s Makes Its Mark


Presenting fall-winter 2019 designs at a leading B2B event of Paris Fashion Week.

With January and March editions, TRANOÏ has been an established B2B event of Paris Fashion Week since 1998. TRANOÏ fashion events take place in prestigious venues, helping to establish connections between high-end retailers and innovative designers. This year, the event took over Carrousel du Louvre Palais de la Bourse from March 1st until March 4th. WEHVE, joined the select ranks of the designer exhibitors at this year’s TRANOÏ events, showcasing the sustainable designs to a wider fashion audience. WEHVE’s hand-woven and hand-knitted accessories uniquely combine the expertise and quality of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary styling made its mark at one of the most influential fashion rendez-vous in the world.



自1998年以来,每年一月和三月时间段,TRANOÏ已经建立巴黎时装周的B2B活动。其时装发布会在著名场所举行,有助于建立高端零售商和创新设计师之间的联系。今年3月1日至3月4日,TRANOÏ活动登陆Carrousel du Louvre Palais de la Bourse。在今年的活动中,WEHVE加入了设计师参展商的精选行列,向更广更多的时尚观众展示可持续设计。 WEHVE的手工编织和手工编织配饰独特地结合了传统工艺的专业知识和质量,其当代风格在世界最具影响力的时尚盛会之一上留下了自己的印记。

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