It’s All About Texture : Shiseido New Line

The Japanese prestige brand is relaunching their entire make-up line by changing the rules, that have been in makeup since the dawn of time. 

We’ve come to expect makeup lines to be divided by areas it’s applied to, but Shiseido wants to playfully subvert this tradition. The brand wants you to choose your makeup products based on sensorial textures. Their new line, made with brand new formulas, will be broken down into four tactile groups: dews, gels, powders, and inks. 


The new campaign, shot by a Norwegian fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø, is helmed by four new brand ambassadors, paired with an individual texture to represent the category. Multimedia artist Yi Zhou. Shiseido prioritized working with artists who have a genuine connection to the brand, either through their origin or their art. Artistry, innovation and technology, Shiseido’s core values, are the elements, essential to Yi Zhou’s work as a multimedia artist and filmmaker. Her use of artistic expression to articulate a point of view in rich and varied art pieces across different medium was the decisive factor for her to represent Shiseido’s high impact Gels, which intensify everything they touch. 

The new range comprising 16 new products in 125 new shades will roll out in 88 markets, re-entering Sephora in September.



这项由挪威时尚摄影师Sølve Sundsbø拍摄的新活动由四位新品牌大使领衔,并搭配以个人纹理来表示分类。多媒体艺术家周依。资生堂优先考虑与品牌有真正联系的艺术家合作,无论是他们的出身还是他们的艺术。资生堂的核心价值观,艺术、创新和技术,是周依作为多媒体艺术家和电影制作人作品中必不可少的元素。她运用艺术在不同媒体丰富多样的艺术作品中表达自己的观点,这是她能够代表资生堂多功能强化功效的凝露系列的决定性因素。

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