Kartell Took Its Creations on A Trip to Venice


Amidst the iconic buildings and places, Kartell is on a mission to portray a timeless place through contemporary design 

When in Venice, you might want to rush around, taking in the atmosphere of this magical place at a high speed. Seems like Kartell's new project, though, invites you to slow down, take a seat, and experience the city from a different angle. 

With series of original shots, the brand recently launched a virtual tour of historic buildings, small shops and unexpected angles. Taking on this journey between tradition and innovation, Kartell showcases some of its most iconic designs, including Venice seats,  Louis Ghost chair, in the elegant transparent glass version, and the Cara armchair, and the timeless  lighting solutions.


通过一系列原创镜头,该品牌最近推出了一项虚拟之旅,内容包括历史建筑、小商店和其他一些意想不到的角度。在传统与创新之间的旅程中,Kartell展示了一些最具标志性的设计,包括Venice座椅、优雅透明视觉的Louis Ghost椅、 Cara扶手椅,以及永恒照明解决方案。

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