Kartell World at London Design Festival

Held on September 15th through September 23rd, London Design Festival has set an ambitious mission— to celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world. Each edition, brings this aim closer, with last year ground-breaking 450,000 individual visitors from over 75 countries attending the festival. 

For the 16th edition of this design event, Kartell brings a premiere of its new products—the Venice and Catwalk chairs, and the Cara armchair. The brand recently took the new pieces on a unique tour across Italy and its exclusive landscapes. Kartell by Laufen Dim Sum project, premiered during Salone del Mobile is also on tour, bringing bold bathroom design experimentation by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, in an artistic museum-like settings. Plan your visit, Monday through Sunday.

定于9月15日到9月23日举办的伦敦设计节(London Design Festival)设定了一个雄心勃勃的目标——庆祝并推动伦敦成为世界设计之都。每一届的举办都使这一目标更近一步,去年有来自超过75个国家的45万名游客参加了这一活动。

在此次第16届设计节,Kartell带来了其新产品的首次亮相——Venice椅、Catwalk椅以及Cara扶手椅。该品牌最近带来了一次独特的新作品的意大利之旅,以及独特的情景设计。在Salone del Mobile展会上首次亮相的Kartell Laufen Dim Sum项目也在展览之列,包括由Ludovica和Roberto Palomba设定在艺术博物馆环境中进行的大胆卫浴设计。计划你周一至周日的参展吧!

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