LV x Unicef : Accessories for A Cause

For the third consecutive year, Louis Vuitton will aid the work of Unicef through the sale of its silver Lockit bracelets in florescent colors. 

How do you raise $5 million on behalf of Unicef to provide children in need with safe drinking water, food, sanitation facilities and medical care, along with clothing and blankets for the winter months? Since the launch of the program, Louis Vuitton did just that with bracelets that retail for £175, £100 of which is donated to Unicef. The brand is committed to a cause of helping children in Syria and neighboring countries, and encourages their clients to “makeapromise too. 

According to Unicef estimates, the partnership facilitated the life-saving provision of water to one and a half million children and their families in 2017 alone. 

The bracelets, which come in yellow, orange, pink, blue and black, will be available to purehase on official website and in over 138 Louis Vuitton stores.



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