Namie Amuro Full H&M Looks

Sustainable materials, new cuts, tailored suits and timeless wardrobe staples—the entire lookbook of H&M x Namie Amuro collection is out

Pre-fall collection, the second collaboration of J-pop queen Name Amuro and H&M, will soon hit the stores. This week, the brand released the lookbook to give the fashionista’s anticipation some more fuel. Comprising of more than 20 pieces of garments, shoes and accessories, the Namie Amuro x H&M Pre Fall is a statement of style.

H&M included all key essentials of the season— a sharp black brown stripe tailored suit with padded shoulders, garments in shades of camel, neutral, heritage checks and blue denim in trendy cuts. This season’s denim is made from recycled and organic cotton, showcasing the company’s nod to sustainability, a trend with growing importance among the audience to whom Namie’s image speaks to: the confident women, who exude an aura of sophistication. 

The collection will be available across 600 stores in Asia and online on August 21st.

安室奈美X H&M_campaign image_05.JPG

可持续材料、新剪裁、量身定制的西装和永恒的衣橱必备——H&M x Namie Amuro整个系列已经发布
日本流行音乐天后Namie Amuro和H&M的第二款合作产品,Pre-fall系列将很快上市。本周,该品牌发布造型手册,给时尚达人带来了更多的期待。Namie Amuro x H&M Pre Fall系列由20多件服装、鞋子和配饰组成,是一种时尚宣示。

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