Wang Kai Fashionable Choice


For his new song MV, Wang Kai donned a Military Star sweater from Neil Barett fall winter 2018 collection. The collection, presented earlier this year was both austere and expressive, with many coveted items on the list. The designed put his own twist, reinterpreting military-industrial complex’s looks. Whereas the English designer usually emphasizes a streetwear approach, for fall-winter 2018 season, he presented a more polished take on menswear, with clean lines and sleek pieces ranging from bomber jackets and sweaters to tailored suits.

王凯身穿Neil Barett 2018秋冬系列Military Star 毛衣拍摄新歌MV。今年早些时候展出的这个系列即简朴又具有表现力,其中有很多吸引人的单品。这一设计加入设计者的主观意识,重新诠释了military-indusrial complx的外形。虽然这位英国设计师通常注重街头服饰的风格,但在2018年秋冬季,他展示了更为精致的男装,线条简洁流畅,从飞行员夹克、毛衣到定制西装,应有尽有。

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