World Jewelry Spotlight: Five Brands to Watch!

 Amyn The Jeweler

Amyn The Jeweler

The glamour of award season, international film festivals and fashion week events place the spotlight on couture design houses, A-list celebrities, and not to forget, the top jewelry designers from around the world.
Five of the hottest designers on the global scene include:


Amyn Rahimtoola  - Amyn the Jeweler
Born: Mumbai, India and resides in Southern California.
You might say Amyn Rahimtoola was destined for the jewelry business. His maternal family has been in the jewelry business for the past four generations. His great-grandfather had a prestigious natural pearl business in Paris as far back as the late nineteenth century, while his grandfather H.C. Javeri was a pioneer who set up the first modern diamond factory in India under the aegis of Diamond Corporation of India. His mother, a renowned diamond cutter,  personally cut diamonds for family friend, Sir Harry Winston.

Amyn pursued his love for jewelry and started designing in the early 1980s. He later studied casting in Geneva, Switzerland, and later returned to India to manage his family-run jewelry casting facility.

Today, he owns an exclusive boutique in Santa Monica, California, catering to a long list of celebrity clients, including Angela Bassett, Courtney Cox, Steven Tyler and Usher.

Amyn’s inspiration is found in “architectural design elements and motifs that were carved in stone, wood or forged in wrought iron that were incorporated in heritage palaces and landmark buildings in the world.”
His latest collection features raw elegance using rustic diamonds encrusted in 18 karat yellow gold.

 Jennifer Reeves Designs

Jennifer Reeves Designs

Jennifer Reeves - Jennifer Reeves Designs
Born: Kaohsiung, Taiwan and resides in Australia and United States.
Available in fine retail stores in the United States and online at

Jennifer Reeves is a gemstone and pearl designer who is brilliant at blending bold hues with superbly crafted designs. A frequent traveler, she gains inspiration from every place she visits. A passion to create has guided her journey, from assembling delicate floral petals to designing stunning jewelry collections for both women and men. 

She combines opals from her Australian homeland together with a vast variety of semi-precious stones and pearls from the four corners of the earth.   Jennifer Reeves Designs’ new “Artistry Meets Sophistication” collection captures her passion and embodies her love for life, manifested through her journey.  Reeves’ work has been featured at the Sundance Film Festival, major VIP award show lounges and soon,  the Cannes Film Festival.

Reeves comments, “I  love colors, fashion and different cultures, and these together with my world travels, meld together to inspire me in my creation and innovation.”

Reeves most recent line includes a stunning combination of freshwater pearls and semi precious gemstones. She adds, “Throughout history, women have loved the classic beauty of pearls and many varieties of gemstones, so I wondered, why not put the best of two worlds together to create jewelry pieces that reflect this?”    

 Dannini Victoria Rose Ring

Dannini Victoria Rose Ring

Dannini - Jeri Slater and Larry Magart
Reside in Houston, Texas. or by appointment: (281) 419-9900.

Dannini was created in 2004 when Jeri Slater and Larry Magart traveled to the Caribbean for their honeymoon, where they met a jeweler whose family had designed and manufactured jewelry for over 60 years. A great relationship turned into a partnership, and soon Jeri and Larry’s passion for elegant, romantic designs led to the creation of Dannini. Today, Dannini has become a red-carpet favorite, worn by stars and influencers and featured in the top fashion and luxury publications, and is a major supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The team is inspired by their love, the love of others who they meet on their travels, as well as their daughter Victoria Rose, after whom one of their most popular rings is named. 

Slater comments: "Our passion is to provide our clients with elegant, hand-crafted jewelry at affordable prices. We strive to create that one-of-a-kind piece that is the crème de la crème. We believe that jewelry should be worn and enjoyed every day and not be locked away in a vault for special occasions. Our motto is simple – indulge in life’s luxuries."
The brand’s latest “Carry On Collection” is inspired by the glamour and elegance of travel in the jet set age.  The collection is produced in silver, is gold/rhodium plated, and features manmade diamonds.  

 Safi Kilima Tanzanite

Safi Kilima Tanzanite

Morris Gad - Diamonds International & Safi Kilima Tanzanite
Born and resides in Long Island, New York.
Safi Kilima Tanzanite is available in over 125 stores in Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska and online at and

For the past two decades, Morris Gad has held the title of CEO/president of Diamonds International, a privately held international jewelry manufacturer and retailer.  

Diamonds International is one of the largest and most prominent privately held jewelry retailers in the Caribbean, Mexico and Alaska, providing tourists with an extensive portfolio of fine jewelry and elegant timepieces. Sourcing from the world’s largest and most important mines, while supporting ethical mine-to-market practices, the acclaimed Safi Kilima Tanzanite collection is exclusive to the company.  
Gad comments, “Tanzania, Africa has always been a source of inspiration for Safi Kilima Tanzanite.  Tanzanite, a rare stone whose formation is commonly referred to as a “geological phenomenon” is only mined in one location on earth. Since its discovery in 1967, the people - the Massai tribe, the country and the story of the stone have inspired us every day.”
Safi Kilima Tanzanite’s most recent bolo collection incorporates a modern design and adjustable clasp closure which turned into a hot ticket item within only a few months.  The company also released new pendants in celebration of tanzanite’s 50th anniversary in 2017 featuring beautiful stones set in 14 karat white gold chain.
Gad believes that Safi Kilima Tanzanite’s beauty is rare and it must be seen to be experienced, and is on a mission to “bring the beauty of tanzanite to everyone.”

 Karen Lazar Jewelry

Karen Lazar Jewelry

Karen Lazar – Karen Lazar Design
Born and resides in Los Angeles, California.
Available in fine shops and boutiques in the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean and online at:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Karen Lazar has been infatuated with the fashion industry her entire life. After attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Lazar soon opened her own store, Acacia, in Beverly Hills. After nine years in operation, Karen moved on from Acacia to start her own trouser line, Gavin, which she eventually sold to Chan Luu. Presently, she turned her love of jewelry making into a high end, sought-after line, Karen Lazar Design. With a showroom in Brentwood and large celebrity clientele, Karen Lazar Design’s signature stackable and versatile pieces, described as “bohemian designer,” further solidify her as a titan in the fashion and retail industries.

A beader herself, Lazar initially made some small and medium bead yellow gold bracelets and “slowly got them on anyone I could.”  She adds, “Word of mouth spread and I was meeting clients at their homes and coffee shops. I added rose gold, diamonds and gemstones and the collection got bigger and the clientele got bigger so I started selling out of my home.”

Fast forward five years, Lazar has a studio in Brentwood, California.

Her inspiration comes from her love of colored gemstones color, diamonds and gold. She comments, “As I’m sitting here in Mexico, I’m wearing four different turquoise, opals and red coral, which have the feeling of where I’m at. I change colored bracelets with my moods.” 

Lazar’s latest collection includes diamond charms of peace signs, hearts, stars, elephants, discs, skulls, hands, evil eyes, lips and smiley faces. The whimsical charms reflect the client’s personality and are collectible. 


 Article by Nicole Goesseringer Muj




Amyn Rahimtoola——珠宝商Amyn

你可能会说Amyn Rahimtoola注定要从事珠宝行业的。他的母系家族在过去的四代里一直从事珠宝生意。他的曾祖父早在19世纪晚期就在巴黎拥有一项享有声誉的天然珍珠业务,而他的祖父H.C. Javeri则是在印度钻石公司的支持下在印度建立了第一家现代化钻石工厂。他的母亲,一位著名的钻石切割师,亲手为他的家庭朋友Harry Winston切割钻石。Amyn对珠宝充满热爱,并在20世纪80年代初开始设计。后来,他在瑞士日内瓦学习铸造,后来又回到印度管理他家族经营的珠宝铸造工厂。

如今,他在加州的圣莫尼卡拥有一家专卖店,为众多名人客户提供服务,包括Angela Bassett、 Courtney Cox、 Steven Tyler 以及 Usher。Amyn的灵感来自于“建筑设计元素和雕刻在石材、木材或锻铁锻造的图案,这些图案被纳入世界遗产宫殿和地标建筑中。”他的最新系列作品采用了原始的优雅风格,在18克拉的黄金上镶嵌质朴的钻石。


珍妮弗里维斯 - 詹妮弗里夫斯设计

Jennifer Reeves是一位宝石和珍珠设计师,她擅长将大胆的色调与精湛的设计融合在一起。她经常旅行,从每个地方获得灵感。对创作的激情引导了她的旅程,从装饰精致的花瓣到为女性和男性设计令人惊叹的珠宝系列。

她将来自澳大利亚本土的猫眼石与来自地球四角各地的各种半宝石和珍珠结合在一起。 Jennifer Reeves 设计的新作“Artistry Meets Sophistication”系列收录了她的激情,体现了她对生活的热爱,也体现在她的旅程中。Reeves的作品曾在圣丹斯电影节,主要的VIP颁奖典礼以及戛纳电影节上亮相。




Dannini—Jeri Slater和Larry Magart

Dannini创建于2004年,当时Jeri Slater和Larry Magart前往加勒比度蜜月,他们遇到了一个珠宝商,珠宝商的家族设计并且制造了60多年的珠宝。一段好的关系变成了一种合作关系,很快Jeri和Larry对优雅、浪漫的设计的热情导致了Dannini的创作。今天,Dannini已成为红地毯的最爱,由明星和有影响力的人佩戴,并在顶级时尚和奢侈品刊物上亮相,并且是圣犹达(St.Jude Children)儿童研究医院的主要支持者。

这个团队的灵感来自于他们的爱,他们在旅途中遇到的其他人的爱,以及他们的女儿维多利亚·罗斯(Victoria Rose),他们最受欢迎的戒指之一就是她的名字。

Slater评论:“我们的热情是为我们的客户提供优雅的手工制作的珠宝,价格适中。我们致力于打造一种独一无二的作品,它就是我们创造的creme de la creme。我们相信珠宝首饰应该每天都应该被佩戴和享受,而不是在特殊场合佩戴或者锁在保险库里。我们的座右铭很简单——享受生活中的奢侈品。

该品牌最新的“Carry On系列”受到了喷气机时代旅行的魅力和优雅的启发。该系列以银制造,镀金/镀铑,并配有人造钻石。


Morris Gad - Diamonds International & Safi Kilima Tanzanite
Safi Kilima Tanzanite可在加勒比,墨西哥和阿拉斯加的125多家商店中购买,也可通过www.diamondsinternational.com和www.safikilima.com在线购买。

在过去的二十年里,莫里斯·盖德(Morris Gad)一直担任国际钻石公司(Diamonds International)首席执行官。钻石国际是一家私人控股的国际珠宝制造商和零售商。钻石国际公司是加勒比海、墨西哥和阿拉斯加州最大和最着名的私人珠宝零售商之一,为游客提供大量精美的珠宝和钟表。从世界上最大和最重要的矿山采购,同时支持符合道德规范的市场实践,备受赞誉的Safi Kilima Tanzanite系列产品是该公司的独家产品。

Gad评论说:“坦桑尼亚,非洲一直是Safi Kilima Tanzanite的灵感来源。坦桑石是一种罕见的石头,其形成通常被称为‘地质现象’,它只在地球上的一个地方开采。自1967年发现以来,马西族部落,这个国家和石头的故事每天都在激励着我们。”

Safi Kilima Tanzanite最新的bolo系列采用了现代设计和可调整扣环,在短短几个月内就变成了热门产品。该公司还在2017年庆祝tanzanite成立50周年之际发布了新款吊坠,其中镶有14K白金链的美丽宝石。

Gad认为,Safi Kilima Tanzanite的美丽是罕见的,它必须被看作是有经验的,并且正在肩负着“为每个人带来坦桑石之美”的使命。


Karen Lazar – Karen Lazar设计公司

Karen Lazar在洛杉矶出生并长大,一生迷恋时尚业。在参加了时装设计和营销时装学院之后,Lazar很快在贝弗利山庄开设了自己的店铺Acacia。经过九年的运作,Karen吧重心从Acacia转移到了自己的裤装品牌Gavin,最终将其卖给了Chan Luu。现在,她把她对珠宝的喜爱变成了一个高端的、广受欢迎的品牌,Karen Lazar设计。Karen Lazar设计了一款名为bohemian designer的品牌,在Brentwood和大型名人客户的展厅里,她设计的标志性可叠放和多功能的作品,进一步将她塑造成时尚和零售行业的巨头。





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